Karibu Angaza Vijana!

where we are socio-economically empowering young students, teen mums and the youth from vulnerable communities in Nairobi.

We are a non-profit Community Based Organization!

As a CBO, we have an obligation to our community...

We purpose; To fundraise for projects that improve digital literacy in our community. To educate our community on social-economic and key life skills. To advocate for environmental protection as a preserve for future generations. To provide psychosocial support to teen mums, young adolescent girls and youth.

How we do it?

As we are a CBO, we are a non-profit organization, we conduct appeals for donors and accept memberships contributions. We partner and support organizations having similar aims and objectives. We also publish digital books, infographic booklets, and newsletters to sensitize our community.

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Programs' Outcomes

Improve access to digital education by capacity building local schools' digital literacy programs
Increase students’ sense of community by developing learning pods within our community.
Improve students social emotional wellbeing by creating teen wellness groups in the community
Shape the youth in our community to be socio-economically empowered in eradicating poverty

Explore some of our programs within
our community.

Mbele Pamoja Initative

We Support digital education development of the youth in our community.

Special Program

COVID has left more than 90,000 schools closed with over 18 million pre-primary through secondary school learners and 150,000 refugees at home since mid-March (Republic of Kenya Ministry of Education).

■ In October 2020, schools reopened only for select grades that are taking critical transition period exams: Grade 4, Standard 8 (Grade 8), and Form 4 (seniors). The government is intending for schools to reopen for all children beginning January 4th, 2021, when the country typically begins its school year. Most students will have been without formal education for almost ten months and will need to repeat their grade level from last year in a condensed 2nd and 3rd term.

■ The decision to repeat the school year was based on inequality arising from varying levels of access to technology and remote learning. However, researchers worry that scrapping the school year will simply exacerbate already significant learning inequities (NYT).

■ During the pandemic, the Ministry of Education has provided educational content via TV and radio while students are home but that has proven to be insufficient and inaccessible for over half of Kenyan students. For example, radio lessons are broadcasted over a single channel in 20 minute segments focused on a given grade and subject at a time. As a result, some grades don’t have a single lesson in a day, while others typically have less than an hour.

■ For marginalized communities, limited resources and access to electricity and technology have left children without means to obtain formal education. Teen pregnancies and domestic violence are on the rise, while some children have resorted to child labor, drug abuse, and theft in the absence of schools’ safety net.

Starter Kits Programs

We Empower the youth, and young mums in our community economically.

Teens Support Groups

We Care about the psycho-social wellbeing of the youth in our community.


Students Coached


Learning Pod


Wellness Groups

Our Partners

Moripesh Group

Mbele Pamoja Initiative 

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Capacity building school's digital literacy programs.

Teen Wellness Groups

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Providing sanitary towels, baby diapers and donated clothes to underserved teenage girls in Kibra, Nairobi.

Canaan Community 

Irators Sounds International

Vijana Na Mihadarati 

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We have partnered with Irators to sensitize the youth in our community on the dangers of drugs through music.

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Canaan, Mbagathi Way
Nairobi, Kenya


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